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Review Screw95 Scam

Starting off I want to mention that the overall quality of the materials is just perfect, the thing that I’ve noticed reading Jay’s previous guide (Stoner Bucks), all just look perfect. The graphics is well prepared, the design of course webpage is neat and clean as well as video and sound quality itself – big plus there. Why Am I mentioning this? Well I need to admit that I have bought tons of these courses on Warrior Forum, and most of them after opening just welcomed me with massive disappointment, luckily it’s not the case here. You know for sure what i’m talking about – nice looking offer page, but content inside and quality of resources just crappy. Well it’s not the case here – quality is top and you can really see that poor bloke spend some serious time on preparing the whole thing.  Just some general screen from the main menu of the Screw95 Guide.

So what are the videos talking abut – In general it is about making money from promoting  affiliate products. The overall steps that are described covers pretty much everything beginning with keyword research (finding the niche) going through setting up SEO friendly site finishing with making social media buzz. If you want more details of each section , just follow through:  Click here to visit this product site!!!


Screw95 review – Stage1 Choosing the niche


screw95review-nicheThis one is a bit short I have to admit. Jay is underlying the importance of research, showing you the most important aspects, and explains the tools you shall use.   Although he mentions that Google Keyword Tool is discontinued (he never says you can still use Google Keyword Planner), he gives some alternatives. More on keyword research… he is speaking about some basics on competitors analysis – in my humble opinion there could be a little bit more to say like check pages PR, see their backlinks and so on.


In general not bad, but could be little better. I’ll put it this way – right amount of information for beginners, but could be slightly more for these more advanced.


Screw95 review – Stage2 Setting up the site


This chapter starts with mega-basics as buying domains and setting up the WP on them, but it rolls into some good stuff eventually. He shows how to set up the site SEO friendly, which plugins to install, how to configure them and so on. I have found some nice tricks out there so i can assume you will find them as well. He start’s to mention about social medias and how important they are, and how big role would they play in the future of SEO and internet itself. Which I personally love and want to start implementing on my niche sites!


Screw95 review – Stage3 Adding Products


screw95review-addingThis one is quite straight forward, Jay is explaining how to find profitable products to your site. He would show you step-by-step where to look for ideas, and product. As well as how to effectively add them to your site and along with adding pictures and good product description (you will also learn where to find ideas for product descriptions to be unique). Chapter pretty nice and cheerful! And you will get some nice graphic bonus here as well :)


Screw95 review – Stage4 Dominating Searches


Here is where big boys come to play. Chapter very informative, starting with general outlook on SEO for beginners – where you can learn what is ranking high all about. Moving further to on page SEO, where you will be explained how to squeeze as much as you can from your WordPress Site in terms of on page optimization. Then we would move into backlinks building – he shows some nice and nifty tactics on how to build links to your site. Links build this way are not bad-ass black hat SEO (which i think is very good), but they are as effective. He shows step-by-step how to find right link pages, how to look natural and not get banned. This approach is much more long term, and I believe in long term success of this link building. He ends the chapter with introduction to social media linking this is just an introduction on what you will learn in next chapter – informative and smart  introduction.


Note: Ok don’t get me wrong I’m still using some of grey stuff methods such as using expired domains(–>massive guide on them here), and I can see their massive impact on my rankings, but these expired domains might turn against you at some stage (we will never know when), but Jay’s methods seem to be ultra natural and practically ban-proof.


Screw95 review – Stage5 Dominating Social


Bonuses available are still rich in videos, to be hones i will update you with detailed review, but he’s putting some effort to explain how you can scale up your business (automation ect) as well as he’s showing you something very important – two additional case studies, that are proving that what Jay is teaching you actually works on multiple sites and niches!

When you buy product you get 2 months money back guarantee – if you wouldn’t like the stuff you can think it through and demand refund within 2 months from purchase.


Now my personal opinion on this is that I would recommend it to my friends and family 100% if you are the beginner in IM world – this course would make the difference for you, and will save you some money spent on other a bit more BS guides and tools. Additionally it would teach you all the required lessons you will need to go further later on. Last but not least it will show you how the web will be living in the future – through social media.

Click here to visit this product website.